Moor oak

Moor oak isn´t a real type of wood, it is in fact oak, which were lying in marshes, moors for centuries, and which are come to the surface after drying out this areas. The tannins of the oak come into contact with the ironsalt content of the water, resulting the oak is getting very hard and heavily discolored. This discoloration is very different, from light gray, over dark yellow, dark brown, blue gray, to deep black. Strains were found up to 20 m lenght and 1,3 m diameter. The age oft he subfossil oaks is between 600 and 8500 years.

Moor oak can still be sawn, planed, milled, drilled, cutted, grinded and spindled.

Crack-free and clean veneers for the highest quality furniture and interior design.